Shop Local on Monroe Street in Madison


Monroe Street is located near Camp Randall Stadium (Go Badgers!) and is a great walkable street with many local businesses.  Here are some  worth a visit.

1. Macha Tea Lounge and Gallery

A great place to relax with a cup of tea with friends, also have a light lunch or snack with your tea. They also sell loose tea too you can bring home as well.

Macha Tea Lounge

2. Karner Blue Candles and Supply, LLC

A brand-new candle store with candle-making supplies and finished candles for sale.  Also classes to learn how to make your own.  Owner Lyschel Bersch will make your candle experience fun and personal. Stop on by, new scents are in development all the time.  Did I hear you say “Chocolate candle?” This is a candle store with a cause, a portion of their proceeds goes towards saving the habitat of the Karner Blue Butterfly. Here is a video tour of the store.

Karner Blue Candle and SupplyKarner Blue inside candles

Book classes online here anytime. Official Grand opening  March 8, 2014

Candle making classes

3. Orange Tree Imports

A long-established store of over 40 years, this store specializes in unique kitchen items like cookware and tools, plus many other items for the home. Great gift ideas here. Orange Tree Imports

4. Pizza Brutta

A great place for wood-fired pizza, we have eaten there several times. Pizza Brutta Pizza Brutta pizza

5. Mystery to Me Books

Another great business on Monroe street, specializing in books for the mystery fan.

Photo by Joanne Berg

Photo by Joanne Berg

6. Paragon Video and Stereo

This store is the best one if you are still playing records. They have over 100 needles available, as well as 40 years of expertise to help you have the best entertainment center possible! Paragon Video and Stereo

7. Trader Joes

This is the only one in Madison, great store! Trader Joes in Madison WI

8. Lucca Fine Men’s Clothing

9. Strictly Discs

Lucca Fine Men's Clothing and Strictly Discs

10. Monroe Street Framing

They take care of your picture framing needs. This is their 30th year! IMG_7253

Don’t forget Mallatt’s Pharmacy at the other end of the street for your costuming and prescription med needs.  It closed on March 3, 2017.

Mallatt's Pharmacy on Monroe Street

These are just some of the great businesses on Monroe street.  For a more relaxing shopping experience outside of the malls, this is your destination!

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