Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison

Olbrich Gardens sign

Madison has a beautiful place filled with flowers for all to enjoy.  Our trip last year to Mitchell Domes in Milwaukee was sure fun, but we like going here when we have a little less time.  The first thing you see on Monona Drive as you arrive at Olbrich is the huge Bolz Conservatory,  full of beautiful tropical plants.  It’s a great escape when you are tired of winter weather.

Bolz Conservatory

Bolz Conservatory inside

Bridge and Koi fish

Lets head outside and look at the garden,  meticulously maintained by many volunteers.  They always welcome new volunteers,  the gardens are very large.

Strike up a conservation with the Topiary bears enjoying a beautiful day at a picnic bench.

Topiary bears

A dedication to John M. Olin  across from the bears.

Olin MemorialJohn M. Olin dedication plaque

The beautiful Rose Tower, overlooking the gardens below.

Rose Tower at Olbrich Botanical Gardens


Rose Tower view


Another are is Serenity Garden, with bridge and waterfall.


J.W. Lussier Memorial Bridge

The most distinguishing feature of this beautiful garden is the Thai Pavilion. It is the ONLY such structure in the US.  That is pure gold, not gold paint.

Thai Pavillion at Olbrich Gardens in Madison WI

Thai Sala Pavillion dedication

For a respite from the hassles of life, find your peace at Olbrich any time of the year.




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