Lake Michigan Shortcut- The Manitowoc Carferry

Welcome sign in Manitowoc

S.S. Badger Historic marker in ManitowocManitowoc and the Car Ferries Marker

From our location in Wisconsin,  it’s a long car ride to our neighboring state of Michigan.   We do have a shortcut, taking the Manitowoc  Carferry out of Manitowoc.  It’s port-of-call in Michigan is the city of Ludington, and the trip is only 4 hours. The ferry is only operational in the summer months, when Lake Michigan is calmest. We have not yet had the chance to take the journey ourselves yet, but we have had fun just watching the ship come into port from Ludington.  

The ship starts out as a black speck on the horizon, slowly growing larger. Before you know it, it’s coming in!  You can see the lighthouse and people on it watching the ferry, a favorite past time of the locals here.

Badger Carferry arrival in Manitowoc

Badger docking in ManitowocBadger Carferry docking in Manitowoc

It is quite the show watching the ship ease its way into the dock. It has to turn around and back in.  A very skilled Quartermaster indeed!  After the ship docked, the largest cargo was unloaded first.  I believe these were parts of wind turbines.

Wind Turbine tower segment


I heard some clapping near the ticket building and a celebration was going on.

2.5 Millionth customer on Ferry in Manitowoc


Badger was celebrating their 2.5 millionth customer. How nice of them to throw a party for them.

Passengers waiting to disembark..

S.S. Badger passengers in Manitowoc


We had a great time watching this great ship come in.  Someday, we will take a voyage on the S.S. Badger!

We hope you enjoyed your stay in Manitowoc



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