UW-Madison Geology Museum – Boaz Mastadon Home


Madison Geology MuseumEven though I have lived in Madison almost 30 years, I keep discovering more places to explore.  The Geology Museum is free to visit, but parking can be tricky. Nearby is 2-hr parking, or you can go to a ramp and walk a bit longer, or bike.  Outside is a rock garden in an atrium.

Rock Garden

Just inside the door is large turning globe and a stained glass window.

Madison Geology Museum Globe

We went in and looked at the first set of exhibits, rocks and minerals. We learned minerals are the building blocks of rocks, which are a mixture of at least two minerals. We didn’t know that! The state rock is Red Granite. In fact, we have been to a town called Redgranite  to scuba dive in their former quarry, now a park.

Wisconsin Red Granite

Also a meteorite fragment from Winslow, Arizona.

IMG_5647Canyon Diablo Meteorite sign

Lots of sparkling going on here 🙂


The also had a big slab of Rhodochrosite, the same mineral that is in my engagement ring.


Also on display was an example of the rippled rock that used to be the bottom of the shallow ocean that once covered Wisconsin. The same that we saw in Rock Springs.

rippled rockRock Springs Rippled Rock

The next room was spotlighting  phosphorescent rocks.

Black Light Display sign

glowing rocks

Saving the best for last, the main reason why we came. The Boaz Mastadon display.  When we went to Richland Center, we also found the Boaz historic marker, where the Mastadon bones were found. The bones were purchased by the University of Wisconsin (UW) and have been on display since 1915.  It is their oldest exhibit.

Boaz Mastadon marker

Boaz Mastadon

Here is a Mastadon tooth and the spear point found at the site.

spear point

An artist’s portrayal of the hunt, painting by Gregg Klees, 1978.

Mastadon Hunt

We had a great visit here. the museum is not large, but well worth the time if you have a couple of hours to spare in Madison.

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6 thoughts on “UW-Madison Geology Museum – Boaz Mastadon Home

  1. Thanks for the link! I’m going to have to add your blog to my feed now so I can get more Wisconsin travel ideas. I am always looking for new weekend adventures for my son’s and me.


  2. What a interesting, interesting blog this is, and so beautiful too. I love the rock/gems display just like Joe did. He would have loved going here. I learned so much!! Thanks for all the knowledge!


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