Go Underground at Cave of the Mounds

10-20-01 & 8-9-10

Cave of the Mounds sign

Cave of the Mounds is a lot of fun, and open all year. You wouldn’t think Wisconsin  and caves go together, but the unique geology of this state has many features you wouldn’t expect.

You start your tour in the main building.  They begin on the hour and last about one hour.  Some spaces on the tour are a little tight so poeople who are claustrophobic may be uncomfortable.


Cave of the Mounds main building

You start by seeing a short film detailing the history of the cave before a guide takes you through.  Enjoy the film and then the tour below!

To protect the cave, lights are turned on as we go, they are not left on all the time. Dress warm, the temperature is a constant 50 degrees no matter when you go. See cave map here.

cave tour

The lowest point in the cave is marked by a red light.

Cave of the Mounds lowest point

The famous Polly the Parrot stalagmite.

Parrot stalagmite

Cave of the Mounds 2

After the tour you can get a souvenir in the gift shop or explore the grounds and visitor center.

Cave of the Mounds Visitor Center

There is a hill outside with stairs and a garden with a large red barn in the background.

Cave of the Mounds garden

Have a great day at Cave of the Mounds. There is also a picnic area if you come during the warmer months.

7 thoughts on “Go Underground at Cave of the Mounds

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  2. Beautiful..It takes eons of water passage to make these forms…..Here in my country we have a similar very large cave..with lots of stalactite and stalagmites..”Harrison’s
    Cave”…that is toured by the use of trams..and gets a lot of visitors daily!


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