Art Fair On/Off the Square in Madison

2nd Weekend in July

This weekend in July has many festivals in Madison.  Le Fete de Marquette  is also taking place.

Art Fair on the Square refers to the square going around our state Capitol.  The square is packed with people and lots of art for sale. Also many food vendors and even live music stages.

Every year there is a featured artist who designs the t-shirt for each year. The apparel is made by Wildwood Productions.  It also raises money for the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, the organization that runs this event.

Wildwood Productions

Let’s take a look at all the fun from this year!

Art Fair On the Square

Madison Capitol

Metal cactus and palm tree, life-sized!

Metal Cactus and palm tree

Metal Rooster

Pink pig

Grist Mill in Fall painting

Just off the square on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, is Art Fair Off the Square. This fair consists of only Wisconsin artists, while the fair on the square is artists from all over the country.

Art Fair Off the Square

Art Fair Off the Square

Art cats and dogs


For a great time in Madison in July, come to both art fairs. They are so much fun!

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