Celebrate Diversity at the Triangle Ethnic Fest

Third Sunday in August

The final year of this festival was in 2014.

Triangle Neighborhood sign2010 poster

The Triangle Ethnic Fest is a great festival in Madison that I have been attending since the 1980’s.  It’s put on by the Bayview Foundation near downtown. It’s called “triangle” due to the shape of the neighborhood. This festival celebrates ethnic diversity and highlights ethnic dancing of the many cultures in Madison. The diversity here equals the (Williamson) Willy Street part of town.

Sadira is a favorite at the festival as well. I have been watching them perform for over 20 years.

Sadira Middle East Dance Co.

The neighborhood kids are well represented as well, they perform the first dance that they practiced all summer.

Bayview kids

“Bollywood”, representing the pop culture in present-day India.


Croatian dancing by Folklore Village International Dancers.

Croatian dancing

Viv Ncaus Hmong Dancers, they were so cute!

Viv Ncaus Hmong Dancers

When you are hungry, there are lots of vendors with great food.

Food Vendors

This festival is always so much fun, travel the world without leaving Madison!

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