Nature in Crystal Lake – Illinois


Every once in awhile, we make a sojourn to our neighboring state of Illinois.  Our destination was Crystal Lake, since we had other business in town that day. Went to the Chamber of Commerce first for information. We went to the McHenry County Conservation  Center-Prairieview. Believe it or not, the Chicagoland area is not all concrete jungle. We found this center dedicated to preserving an area to resemble the prairies that used to cover much of Illinois.

Crystal Lake, Illinois Chamber of Commerce

McHenry County-Prairieview

The grounds are beautiful, and we could hear the laughter of children enjoying summer activities there.  As you see, were were the only other visitors at that time.

McHenry County Ill. Prairieview

We went inside the main building and picked up a map to the trail through the prairie. It was a hot day, and you could hear the buzz of insects in the tall grasses.

Illinois Prairie

Towering above the grass were some large trees, possibly here when all of Crystal Lake area was unsettled.

Prairie tree

Also flowers.

Prairie flowers

We had an enjoyable visit, but it was time to get back to Madison.

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