Wyocena-A Dream Come True


Three miles south of Pardeeville is the village of Wyocena.  It was named by founder Elbert Dickason (1799-1848). He said the name came to him in a dream. Wyocena is on the waterway of Duck Creek with many trees to add to the beauty of the view. Today the population is 768, a small but friendly town. I was taking pictures and one of the residents stopped to say hi!

Wyocena sign

Sunrise over Duck Creek in Wyocena

The quiet is regularly punctuated by the train that speeds by on the overpass upon entering the town. Several went by on my visit.

Train on Overpass-Wyocena, WI

Wyocena is a great place to relax. From April through October  Duck Creek Campground is open.  Another place is Wyona Park. Some historical events happened here too.

Rifle Pit Legend at Wyona Park in Wyocena WIWyona Park history in Wyocena WI

Wyona Park marsh

The largest business in town is Grande Cheese, it towers over the surrounding neighborhood.

Grande Cheese

If you stop here in the fall there is a large farm stand just as you enter the south edge of town.

Wyocena Farm Stand

I took a walk and found some interesting history of the village, identified by historical markers. These were on Lovers Lane (this is a real road!)

Major Elbert Dickason Marker in WyocenaDickason Hotel marker

At the cemetery, I paid my respects at the Civil War Monument.  On this site is also a time capsule, to be opened in 2076.


The village also has a small general store, beauty shop, library, post office and Cenex station for gas and convenience store (across from Grande Cheese).

A very interesting and beautiful village, Wyocena is village well worth stopping in if you are in the area.

7 thoughts on “Wyocena-A Dream Come True

  1. This is my home town and the home of my ancestors. It is a beautiful little village where my grandfather had his blacksmith shop on the shores of Duck Creek and my father was born in 1897. On Memorial Day, the community has a parade that has been a tradition for about 100 years.


    • Thanks for your response! Maybe we can get there next year for the parade. Very interesting, glad you found my post. I went there to explore early before heading to the Watermelon festival that day. Have a good week!


  2. What a lovely tribute to a lovely village/town. It was very interesting reading the historical monuments and how it came into existence. The village looked so clean and pretty. That sunset you captured was outstanding!!


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