Betty Lou Cruises – See Madison by Boat

This is quite a treat, especially for those people who don’t have a boat of their own.  My husband and I have taken cruises on this boat a few times and it’s a lot of fun. Betty Lou Cruises began in 1998, offering guests a new way to see Madison.  My most recent voyage was on July 27. The Clean Lake Festival offered free cruises on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The boat was in Lake Monona, we were welcomed aboard and settled in our seats.   I went to the stern for the best views.

Betty Lou Cruise boat

We got under way, the captain gave a running commentary on what we were seeing. Our first views were of lake houses, a view you usually don’t see, from the back.

Lake Monona Houses

We also saw a sailboat regatta, a weekly occurence in the summer.  It was a rather cold day for July (62 F) and I witnessed and Inferior Mirage of another Betty Lou Cruise boat across the lake. The result was an upside-down image of the boat under the real one. The air was colder than the water.

Sailboat Regatta on Lake Monona

Betty Lou Mirage

As we headed towards the Monona Terrace, we got a breathtaking view of Madison’s skyline and more sailboats.

Sailboats on Lake Monona

And here is the Monona Terrace!

Monona Terrace and Capitol

From here we headed back to port, what a great ride!  It’s not too late to take a cruise, they run through October.  Come take a ride in style!

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