Circus World Museum in Baraboo

8-25-13 Sunday

Baraboo sign

Baraboo and Delavan are both cities with a strong heritage in the circus. Circus World Museum is one of many historic landmarks in Wisconsin that combines fun with learning for their visitors.

We were long overdue incoming here.  Al never had been and over 20 years ago for me. We first stopped at a Little Free Library  in town. It looks just like a circus wagon!

Baraboo Little Library

We arrived at 9:30. Today was a rare day with free admission, and the crowd was large.  It was almost the end of the summer season. Only during the summer is there circus performances in the Hippodrome. The Carousel is a big attraction the kids love!

Circus World Museum Carousel

What a great show in the Hippodrome! The first one was at 11:00.

Circus World Museum Hippodrome


Circus World Museum elephant


Ringmaster and Roger the Clown

After the performance we had lunch, then went to the pavillon for the circus wagon tour. There were more wagons than I can show, but here are two of them. They have a REAL Wells Fargo wagon too.

Wells Fargo Stagecoach

We close with the Gavioli Band Organ from 1905.

Gavioli Band Wagon

There is so much to see and do here, we will be back again to see everything else later.  Fun for all ages!

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