A Corny Good Time at the Sun Prairie Sweet Corn Festival

3rd Saturday in AugustSweet Corn Fest 20132016-cfest-logo-multicolor-400

You know summer is getting close to over when  Wisconsin‘s local sweet corn is ready to harvest.  This festival is a big draw and runs from Thurs-Sunday.  

The kick-off is Thurs. evening at 6:00 with a big parade down Main St.  The Grand Marshalls are Colonel Corn and Fairy Queen of Corn (Or Countess of Corn).

Colonel and Fairy Queen of Corn

Monroe Cheese Days

The “Salt Tree”, an outdoor clothes dryer hung with salt shakers, a fixture at the corn fest.

Salt Tree

The corn tote booth, on it’s way to Angell Park.  It’s $7 for a tote of corn in 2016.

8-18 189

See the 2016 parade, they usually are about 1 hour long.

On the grounds at Angell Park is the festival, also a carnival  and Midget Car racing in the evening.

Angell Park in Sun Prairie WI

Time for corn! See the ritual in my 2015 video.

Corn Tote booth Sun Prairie, WI

Freshly steamed corn

Corn Pavillion

We got our corn. We always bring plates and cloth napkins to make eating easier. We bring a plastic bag for the ears we don’t eat.


Now for buttering the corn, yum!  I wish you can smell it.

Buttering sweet corn

Everyone eating their corn on the hill while watching the entertainment on the stage.

Corn Fest stage

After eating we went down to the midway. See some of the action in 2015.

First, a funny selfie.

Corn Fest funny pic

Corn Fest Midway

We often find friends here too.


Colonel Corn makes the rounds to take pictures with people.

Colonel Corn 2006

The original Colonel Corn retired (Dick Jellings) after 21 years, making way for a new person to wear the costume in 2014. His name is Chad Peck. I think he did a fine job as Colonel Corn, and we got a new picture with him in 2015.



We enjoy coming to Corn fest every year for fun times and making great memories.

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