Return to Algoma-Lighthouse Photos and More


Our last visit to Algoma was almost a year ago, we were back again for a visit before heading to the Green Bay Packers game that evening.  We have fallen in love with this Harbor Town and wanted to explore it more.  Also, to retake pictures of the lighthouse since they didn’t turn out last year.  We also visited several businesses we didn’t see last year.

A couple of the businesses were actually over the  border in Door County. Since we love Door County too, it was good to cross over. Our first stop was Renard’s Cheese where Al bought some cheese curds, a popular snack in Wisconsin.

Door County signRenard's Cheese


In the adjoining building is where they make the cheese.  They were happy to take our picture by a rack filled with cheese wheels.

Renards Cheese

We then went up the road a little further to Weinke’s Market to look around and get some of their famous cherry pie filling. They are located 6 miles north of downtown Algoma.


They had freshly made Kolaches, a fav from Al’s Czech heritage, yum!


Weinke's Market Cherry Pie Filling

After that we headed back to the south side of Algoma  to take a look at The Flying Pig . What a delightful place with art for sale and beautiful gardens outside.  Also a cafe. For sale were beautiful souvenir stoneware mugs by Sunset Hill Stoneware for $20.  I got one 🙂 See a video here to learn more. The red pig gracing the front of the building is named “Betty”.

The Flying Pig in Algoma,WisconsinFlying Pig Betty

Steampunk LampThe Flying Pig cafe

Flying Pig stoneware mug

Enjoy the garden, a winding path goes around a pond edged by shacks constructed in Door County.

Shack at The Flying Pig in Algoma WI

Relaxing by the pond. we had a good time here.

Flying Pig pond and me

Time for lunch! This time we ate at the Stadium Diner.  What delicious food friendly atmosphere here.  Owner Terry Hannah personally greeted us and welcomed  us to Algoma.  Strangers feel like friends here and aren’t strangers for long! Our burgers were delicious and we split Brownie a la mode. Yum! We’ll be back next time we visit.

Stadium Diner


If you come here, don’t forget to get some wine to enjoy lakeside at Von Stiehl Winery. They also offer tours and tastings.

Von Stiehl Winery in Algoma, WI

Finally about 2:00 PM, it was time to take lighthouse pictures. Also got some action in the Marina, it was a beautiful day with few waves. The true color  is right.

Algoma Lighthouse and MarinaAlgoma lighthouse

Algoma has much to offer, we look forward to coming back.

Algoma Lakeshore

6 thoughts on “Return to Algoma-Lighthouse Photos and More

  1. I’ve never been to Wisconsin, but I was born and raised in Rochester, NY. I have an affinity for the Great Lakes, being a son of Ontario! Two things struck me about your pictorial post. The first being the lighthouses. My sister loves lighthouses. She might even collect them. The other was The Flying Pig. If you ever venture southeast to Cincinnati, OH – they have a marathon race called The Flying Pig. A friend of mine from work ran it this Spring. You’d love the medals that they give out! Funny. When my sister was a teenager, she collected pigs! I can’t remember if that was before or after unicorns. Hmmm. — YUR


  2. Thanks for your story. The great lakes are so beautiful,but can be so dangerous too (i.e. Edmund Fitzgerald). Lighthouses are so beautiful. I wrote several other posts with lighthouses too. Have a great day! Laurie


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