Nick Englebert’s Grandview-Wisconsin’s Art House

Nick Englebert's Grandview in Hollandale


We had heard about this place and had to come here.  This house is a work of art created by Nick Englebert. He created his first concrete structure in the 1930’s and eventually spread to the house.  He passed away in 1962, but his work is now being preserved and restored by artists.  Everyone can come enjoy looking at the structures, donations are encouraged.  Let’s see some of them.

9-27 1365

Swiss Pride

Grandview Castle

Grandview Viking

9-27 1422

The organ grinder thanks your for your donation to keep up restoration.

Grandview Organ Grinder

Quite an enjoyable visit, too bad the museum in the house was not open at the time.

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2 thoughts on “Nick Englebert’s Grandview-Wisconsin’s Art House

  1. Just visited Nick’s property today (October 19th, 2013), it was a delightful experience. Huge smiles on both of our faces as we enjoyed the planning, design, humor and dignity in all of the art. Make yourself happy by stopping by for a visit sometime in the near future.

    Take care and travel safely,
    Lisa Zorr


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