Cottage Grove-Where Everyone is Your Neighbor

Cottage Grove Wisconsin sign

Cottage Grove is a community of  3,700  sixteen miles from Madison.  Not only does my brother and his wife live here,  they have many fun events we enjoy going to. It also has an active Historical  Society located in Flynn Hall, a historic building adjacent to Fireman’s Park. Its main function was Town Hall, it was built in 1900 and in 2010 celebrated its 110th Anniversary.  The building now houses the Cottage Grove Lions Club and the Cottage Grove Historical Society.

Flynn Hall

For appointments to see the historical society room and its contents, call her at 839-4470.

Flynn Hall Centennial CrockFlynn Hall Cottage Grove Museum

The Granger Movement also had a foothold here, a political group that formed after the Civil War.

Wisconsin Granger Movement

One of Cottage Grove’s big events is the Hog Day Breakfast in Flynn Hall on or close to Groundhog Day.  It’s a fundraiser for the Lions Club.  A black pig named Sir Arthur predicts spring’s arrival. A yummy breakfast is also served.

Potbellied Pig Sir Arthur Hog Day Breakfast Cottage Grove Lions Club

A couple friends of ours in the Lion’s club, Tod and Darlene Bernarde, act as the VIP’s at this event and take Sir Arthur outside to see if he sees his shadow.  We posed for a picture together too that showed up in a newspaper article about this fun event.

Photo-Hearld Independent

Photo by Herald-Independent

Boss and Queen Hogg-Darlene and Tod Bernarde

In the early summer, the Fireman’s Festival is a big draw.   It kicks off with the Hot 2 Trot Run/Walk to raise money for the volunteer fire department.  We ran in 2012 and Photographer Mindy ? took our picture near the finish line (gave permission to use).  Then a big parade was next.  Here is the parade from 2013.

Then festivities at Fireman’s Park, including a Calkin’s Midways carnival and music.

Al and Laurie run 2012

Zor Shrine Clowns Cottage Grove WI


The fall brings the community together again during Olde Town Days in September at Olde Town Center. It features wagon rides, food by the 1855 Saloon (great place to eat!) and live music.

Olde Town Center in Cottage Grove WI

Al and Laurie Wagon RideJerry Stueber

Another great place to eat is also at Olde Town Coffee House, also at Olde Town Center.  Great way to start your day with breakfast or lunch, and a hot cup of coffee.

Olde Town Coffee House in Cottage Grove WIOlde Town Coffee House in Cottage Grove WI Dining RoomOlde Town Center banner

2010 photo-No longer stands.

Enjoy your stay in Cottage Grove, where everyone is your neighbor!

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3 thoughts on “Cottage Grove-Where Everyone is Your Neighbor

  1. WOW, this little city sounds as nice, if not nicer, than Oregon although one doesn’t hear quite as much about it. It was so nice to find out all that goes on there. I especially liked the bronze plaque about the Grangers and how this Wisconsin in the forefront of the national movement as a leader in public utility regulation. “On Wisconsin” !


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