Oregon – Wisconsin’s Horse Capital

Oregon Wisconsin signOregon Watertower

7-22-13  and 3-21-15 and my whole life

The village of Oregon is where my Dad grew up, but this is the first time I really gave it a close look.  This is his boyhood home.

Dad's Oregon home

Oregon is known as the Horse Capital since there were once more horses than people early in its history.  The population is currently 9,231 and growing. Located just 7 miles south of Madison, you are close to the big city while still able to enjoy small town charm. Incorporated  in 1883, it has retained its character and downtown historic buildings enjoying steady business.

Downtown Oregon Wisconsin

Downtown is defined by two structures, the monument on the left and the historic water tower.  This is the first WW I monument in the country, erected in 1920.

World War I Granite Memorial Monument sign

Oregon Memorial Bench

At Prairie Mound Cemetery, Oregon also honors their Revolutionary War vet, Nathaniel Ames. We visited his gravesite and saw the two-sided marker there.

Nathaniel Ames Marker in Oregon

The historic water tower is now longer in use, but left up since its one of Oregon’s distinguishing features.

Oregon Historic  Water TowerOregon Water Tower sign

Across the street from the water tower is the city band shell where performances by the Oregon Community Band take place over the summer.

Oregon Band ShellOregon Community Band sign

We also visited the former Red Brick School Building, now a business called Gorman & Co.

Red Brick School 2Red Brick school Sign

Lincoln Street is another historic district close to downtown.

Lincoln Steet Historic District sign

Gilbert House

Gilbert House

Palmer House

Palmer House

Warner House

Warner House

Rose House

Rose House

Algard House

Algard House

All quite beautiful, I will check back at the Rose House after renovations are complete.

Oregon is still closely tied to the farming community.  The Oregon Farm Center is a mill where they grind product that farmers bring in. Dave Kanable was there and has  good reputation for taking care of his customers. He also knew my grandparents.   They also sell birdseed, products for chicken care and dog food in bulk.

Oregon Farm Center

Oregon has all services needed for shoppers so going into Madison isn’t necessary.  Oregon Shopping Plaza is the main retail center. Bill’s Food Center is the anchor business and is known for fine service and wide selection of food.

Oregon Shopping Plaza

Relax at Oregon Bowl after a hard day’s work.

Oregon Bowl-Oregon, WI

If you are hungry, enjoy a great meal at De Broux Diner.  My Taco Salad was delicious!  2015-It is now in Evansville.

DeBroux Diner in Oregon, WI

De Broux Diner Taco Salad

On our return visit in 2015 we had lunch at their new restaurant, Headquarters Bar and Restaurant. Great food! They also have a meat raffle on the first sunday of the month.


We really enjoyed Oregon. I wish I had some horses to show you but they must have all been inside that day 🙂

Oregon WW I Monument

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