Fennimore-City On The Move


Fennimore city signFennimore Watertower

And it does, we encountered friendly people throughout town as we learned what makes Fennimore special.  Train images are everywhere here, making the town’s identity.  We concentrated on Lincoln Ave, the main street  where most points of interest that we came to see are.

A new up-scale hotel and restaurant recently opened called, The Silent Woman. What a beautiful place, located in the historic Fenway House.

The Silent Woman Hotel and Lounge

The restaurant is very unique, looks like an outdoor courtyard.

7-28 150

The Silent Woman Restaurant in Fennimore

The rooms are beautiful too,  thirteen are available. Here is a look at one of them, this is a large suite with plenty of seating and bedroom in back.  Very elegant!

Silent Woman suite

We continued down Lincoln Ave.                Fennimore Hair Designs

Fennimore Historic Bank BuildingFennimore Hair Designs

Timothy's Cafe in FennimoreFennimore Memorial Park

Timothy’s Cafe                                                    Fennimore Memorial Park  

Historic Dwight Parker Library

We soon arrived at the Fennimore Railroad Historical Society Museum, the main reason for our visit.  For railroad buffs, a good time is in store for kids and adults. Fennimore Railroad Museum

We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Friederick’s Family Restaurant. The restaurant looks like a train depot and the sign is like a railroad car.  Great food there.

Friedrick's Family Restaurant

The last store at the end of this road is Bender’s Foods. for groceries.

Bender's Foods

Our last stop was Carr Valley Cheese at the other end of Lincoln. We took our picture with Igor the Mouse too.

Carr Valley Cheese

Carr Cheese Mouse Igor

We sure enjoyed our visit to Fennimore today, we hope you did too!


7 thoughts on “Fennimore-City On The Move

  1. So much has changes sine I was there! The Carnegie library building, I guess that is the :old” library building now. The grocery store was built when I lived there nut I belive it has changes owners. I lived just a bit furthe ouyt than the big mouse and on the opposite side of the street. I loved Bahl baby swiss cheese! I was in town when cable tv first arrived. We were never sure but we used to blame the chees factory for the prime time interfereance that made cable to attractive, AND for the “community dimmer switch” when the lights would dim and TV pictures would fill only paty of the screen. The railrod stuff took off after I left town. Tino’s ran the resurant and the nice bar when I was there. the hotel in towm was not much and folks stayed out at the Fennmore(sic)Hills motel outside of town. I love railroad so I would loive to go back sometime. It was a fun time, my first years out on my own in a new town!


  2. Looking over this again, it is so fun to look back. So much of this is new since I moved out in the early 80s. I know the grocery store, it was built during the few years I lived in Fennimore, wish I could look acreoss the street and see if the white house and the BIG cottonwood tree are stil there. (it was terrible when that thing was “molting”, a contant fight not to have your car or your nearby building carpeted in “cotton balls”) And good old Igor, we used to say eye-gore because of the long lashes, from there you should be able to see the apartment building I lived in.


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