A Tour of the Wisconsin State Capitol


Capitol 1

By this point I had lived in Madison for 26 years, and I never took the formal tour of our state Capitol.  I finally took it and really had fun!   I arrived at the desk by rotunda and waited for our guide.

Capitol 2

Our guide was Jim Schaff, the most experienced of the 12-member tour guide staff.   He knows everything about the capitol and is very enthusiastic in his delivery.  He pointed out many interesting things.  Embedded in the marble are some fossils.  One step even has a starfish, clearly visible.

Jim SchaffStep starfish

He took us to all the important rooms where all the big decisions are made for our state.  This is the State Assembly room.

Assembly 1

Where the Governor makes addresses to the state, often on TV.

Governor 2

The Senate

Senate 2

Badger-Senate 7

A badger overlooks the doorway to the Senate.

The Supreme Court

Supreme Court 4

My favorite part is the Observation Deck,  going around the  outside of the dome.  The view is incredible from up there!  This is looking towards Lake Mendota.

Observation Deck 10

Observation Deck 4

I hope you enjoyed your tour of my beautiful Capitol.  Hopefully Jim can be your guide too.

Rotunda 1

It was noon, with the tour over I had headed towards the Monona Terrace, where I was going on another tour.


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