Boombox the Wasteland or What to Do With Union Corners?


This was a  festival that took place at Union Corners, a LARGE vacant lot that is still waiting for some businesses.  That day, there was some.  And what a party! There was a parade, free ice cream, art, and entertainment. Also all boomboxes were tuned to WORT for music timed for the performances.


6-5 475

The Parade.

6-5 496

6-5 498

6-5 483

Entertainment-Middle Eastern Dancing by Sadira. They have been performing for over 20 years. I have watched her and her troupe perform at festivals in Madison since the 80’s.

6-5 520

6-5 5286-5 529

This was a fun festival, but soon things will finally start happening to this wasteland. An agreement was finally signed to develop it.  I will update later, perhaps after its completed (may be a few years).

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