Mineral Point 2- Shake Rag Alley and Pendarvis

9-27-12 and 6-28-13

In Mineral Point is the site of the original settlement of miners and their families from Cornwall, England.  They arrived in the 1830’s. The buildings have been restored and part of Wisconsin‘s vast Historical Society network.

Lets first visit Shake Rag Alley, now the city’s Art district. They offer art classes, put on plays, a very vibrant community.

6-28 3846-28 4176-28 398

6-28 402

Now we are going to Pendarvis, which is at the other end of Shake Rag Alley.

9-27 944

6-28 427

Pendarvis House9-27 986

9-27 9549-27 963

They offer three guided tours a day with a docent in period costume, or you can take the self-guided tour.  Since we got there a bit late for the first tour, we look around ourselves.  We were given a booklet by one of the ladies there who has been there for 30 years to lead us in the right direction.  We began our tour. We saw so many great artifacts from the mining operation, as well as re-creations of what their homes looked like inside.

6-28 6556-28 734

Also the history of the Pasty, a food brought over by the Cornish miners and still served in many restaurants in Mineral Point today.

Pasty history

Miner going down

The picture depicts a miner getting lowered down the mineshaft. Here is a bucket also.

6-28 524

Just outside of Pendarvis is more to see, Merry Christmas Mine Hill, where we see more artifacts and where the mine shafts are.

9-27 10179-27 1074

Wisconsin is called the Badger State, but not because of the Badger, an animal that also lives here.

Badger origin

Badger hole

Here is the mine building on the hill.

9-27 11509-27 1154

Pendarvis is a great place to visit, come and stay the day!

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