Hartford-A City With Heart

5-10-11 & 6-23-13

Hartford is a city of over 14,000 that was incorporated in 1883. The early settlers found potential for industry and comfortable living. Today its a great destination for visitors with its many parks and proximity to other nearby attractions.. It’s also close to Holy Hill Basilica and Cedarburg, which Al and I have also visited.

Some views of downtown:

100_3098Downtown Hartford

The Mole HoleCity clockBanner

In 2011 the Jack Russell Memorial Library was being built.


Our most recent visit being yesterday in 2013, we see a library finished and in operation.

Jack Russell Library

We had dinner at The Mineshaft, a popular restaurant in the area.

IMG_7901Al and Laurie

We had a great time in Hartford, and had a beautiful sunset last night at 8:40 PM.



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3 thoughts on “Hartford-A City With Heart

  1. Love the pictures and your write-ups; you write soooo well. Just where is Hartford? from Madison, that is? Would I take the interstate to get there? Keep up the good work Laurie; it looks like a lot of work to me, but I thank you!!


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