Dr. Evermor’s Art Park Near Baraboo


As you can see, art is everywhere in Wisconsin.

Artist Tom Every created this steampunk fantasy land of sculptures and strange creatures made of scrap metal. You can see some of from Highway 12 just below the Baraboo hills. Last year we finally decided to stop and look around. What a fascinating place! His crowning achievement is “The Foreveratron”, a huge structure that looks like a big time machine. They even participate in the popular pastime of geocaching.



Here is a small sample other structures here and weird things.


We came to the Aluminum Foil Hat zone.  They had a funny contraption that made two foil hats at a time. Funny! Here we are posing with our new hats.

tin-foil-hatCrazy Hats

On site is Lady Eleanor Every, an artist in her own right. We posed for a picture with her, Tom’s ill health prevents him from being there also so we didn’t meet him. She is a gracious lady and is happy to chat or take a picture with you. She also directed us to a great natural area we visited soon after, Pewit’s Nest.

Eleanor Every and usEleanor Every sign

If you wish to stop by, here are the hours.

Location:  Right behind Delaney’s Surplus (address for Delaney’s below)

S7703 US HWY 12

North Freedom, WI  53591


Open:        Thursday – Monday

Closed:      Tuesday & Wednesday

Hours:       11 AM – 5 PM (may vary)

Contact:    Lady Eleanor Every


Its free to look at the structures, but donations are gladly accepted.


Madison has a couple structures that Tom Every created. They are on Paterson Street. Its a couple of large metal birds called, “Dreamkeepers”.

Dream keepersDreamkeepers sign

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One thought on “Dr. Evermor’s Art Park Near Baraboo

  1. I loved, loved, loved these sculptures. Sculptures made out of scraps of metal have always interested and amazed me as to the person creativity. Weren’t these incredible? Wow!!


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