Milling Around in Paoli

6-11-13 and 8-9-14 and


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It was to revisit this beautiful little hamlet of 3300 people on the Sugar River.  Last time we came was Oct. 2009.  Paoli was founded by Peter Mats in 1846.  It soon had a lumber mill, later becoming a grist mill. Also a  cheese factory and other businesses  necessary to build a thriving community.  Several buildings were made of local stone, still standing and in use today.

Lets begin our walk down Paoli Road, the main street which is the center of commerce here.

On my right is the Artisan Gallery and Creamery Cafe. It opened in 1987 and is celebrating its 25 year. This building was a former creamery, now an art gallery.

On the left is the Paoli Schoolhouse Shops and Cafe.

6-11 2586-11 004

Soon we are on the bridge overlooking the Sugar River. Its part of the huge Upper Sugar River Watershed in Dane County.

6-11 021

Upon crossing the river, on the left is the Paoli Clay Company. They produce clay for pottery making use.  Next up also on the left is the Paoli House Gallery, another artist enclave. Next door to that is the Paoli Pub and Grill.

Paoli Clay CompanyPaoli House Gallery

Paoli Pub

Across the street on our right are many beautiful shops, some in historic buildings. The newest business is the Paoli Secret Garden, which just opened on June 1 of 2013.  The owners JJ and Kellie were busy setting things up when we stopped by. They took the time to pose for a picture with us though and show us the many delightful products they had to offer.   They would love for you to stop by!

6-11 076

Paoli Secret Garden

Here is a “living table”. Also a look inside their shop in the yellow building.

6-11 0476-11 056

Next door is  Alp and Dell Cheese, formerly a whey house. It is built of large multi-colored rocks that give it such a unique and beautiful appearance.

Alp and Dell Cheese Paoli

 These businesses are part of the Mill Shops and Park.  The Bread and Brat Haus is especially popular.


We came back to Paoli 8-9-14 for their annual  Art in the Mill Park festival.  Al went to the fair again on 8-13-16.

6-11 0716-11 1486-11 106Totally WiredArt in the Mill Park Banner


Art in the Mill Park Paoli

Al took some pictures of the fair himself in 2016.



 The Beth Kille Band entertained the crowd.


An example of their work.

We are nearly at the end of the street.  Totally Wired is next to the Paoli Secret Garden and their specialty is purses. The Zazen Gallery is next on our right.

Also Cluck the Chicken Store. They provide for the needs of chicken owners, as well as people who love cute chicken decor.

6-11 169Chicken Heads

The Paoli Local Foods Store is next to the Paoli Pub across the street on our right.  The store also includes a cafe. Bulk foods and organic meats are readily available here.

6-11 1576-11 188

At the end of this Paoli Road is Paoli Park, a great place to eat your lunch on a warm summer day. Bicyclists stop in Paoli also for refreshment on their ride. The Badger State Trail passes through town. It has a gazebo and a garden area with arch.  Also many mature trees.

6-11 2536-11 225

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Paoli, we sure did!

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5 thoughts on “Milling Around in Paoli

  1. I’ve spent many an evening in past years dancing upstairs in Fischer Hall. It’s one of the smallest dance venues but we sardines made a good go of it and got a good dose of human contact. I wonder if there are any dances there these days… Such quaint and picturesque places just off the straight and narrow highway. 🙂


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  3. I’ve never been to Paoli but I’ve heard many times that it was lovely from people who’ve been there. Your pictures would bear that out. Thanks for sharing Laurie!


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