Stoughton Opera House – A Great Venue!


Velkommen to Stoughton!

Stoughton is a city of 12,000 fifteen miles south of Madison. What a beautiful city!  It boasts 4 historic districts. The Stoughton Opera House is located in the Main Street Historic District.  It’s most striking feature is the tall clock tower that can be seen all the way down Main Street. A prominent landmark in the city, the Opera House was constructed in 1900-01.  It had fallen into disrepair and neglect in the 1980’s and the city decided to restore the building.  The end result is enjoyed by the public now with many performances throughout the year.

OH 3 Clocktower CenterOH tower distant

OH 5 Sign cropChristina Dollhausen

We met with the Opera House Event Coordinator Christina Dollhausen. She was very kind and gave us a tour.  The beauty of the building was breathtaking!  We went into the auditorium first. The seats are the originals, made of mohagany, all restored. They are a little hard for a long show so bringing a seat cushion is recommended.

Stagefront Center

The view was even better from the 3rd floor, and she turned on more lights to bring out the blue trim going around the edge of the stage.

OH Stage 3rd Floor

The light fixtures really add an elegant touch as well.  Here is one of the wall sconces up close. Fleur-de-lis and bouquets accent the light. The biggest wonder though is the huge chandelier overhead.  Because of the difficulty involved, the light bulbs are only changed yearly.

Light fixture cropChandelier

We then went backstage and saw the “graffiti” left by performers long ago.

Graffiti 1

The view from backstage looking towards the audience is just as impressive.

Stage Forward

We had a great tour, and recommend to anyone to come visit.  Christina or other staff will be happy to give you a tour also.  Stoughton has a lot to offer to residents and visitors alike. Come here for a show!

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3 thoughts on “Stoughton Opera House – A Great Venue!

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  2. Laurie–I’m so glad you found my blog. It is good to here from you and see images from back home. Say hi to Al. Will enjoy follwoing your blog. Donna


    • It’s wonderful! I thought I was following before but realized I wasn’t. I will link back to your Gov. Dodge park post when I write mine. We went last fall. Have a great day!


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