Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters in Watertown

Watertown sign

My husband and I love coffee, and about 12 years ago we found a wonderful place in Watertown called Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters.  This building with the cafe, retail shop and roasters opened in June 2005.  They had outgrown their other building and needed a much bigger one. The coffee is delicious and their cafe also has great food.  It was featured on the Food Network program “Unwrapped”. This is their only building, but they do have kiosks in many area grocery stores around the state. Master Roaster Pete Berres oversees the whole operation and makes sure all his customers have the best experience possible with Berres Brothers. Staff are real friendly and are happy to pose for a picture with you. Here we are with AAlice 🙂

BB Building cropBillboardAlice and Us

Inside friendly and welcoming, even the color of the wall relaxes you.  When you relax with a cup of their coffee, it’s “BB Time”.

10-6 471Staff

10-6 464

Not only can you enjoy and buy coffee and food there, every month they give a free “Behind the Beans” tour.  We went on one twice and had so much fun learning about how coffee is grown.  We also got to taste roasts from many different beans. Staff member Harold transported us to South America where the beans are grown..

Beans tour

100_4106Harold Rooster

Harold Sherpa


After the tour we enjoyed some more coffee and lunch, a great  sandwich with sweet potato fries, yum!.

Al and Laurie sharpPanini

If you want some real delicious coffee, this is it.  If you can’t come to Watertown, you can order it and have it sent right to your door.

Happy BB Time!

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