Obscure Madison Art – Richard Haas

Madison is a city with a bent towards the arts in all forms.  We have art fairs and art distributed throughout the city in parks and such.  However, some art is Madison  is lesser known due to location or perhaps on a minor street.

The biggest one is a mural designed by famous artist Richard Haas.  This art was commissioned by the city of Madison to be painted on the side of a building across from the train tracks on John Nolen Drive.  It was complete in 1987.  The view was unobstructed for 8 years or so. THEN, the city began building the Monona Terrace which was completed in 1997.  The building plunged the mural into darkness and obscurity.  You can barely see it now as you zoom through the tunnel.

One day a year, no cars are allowed for a few hours under this bridge. The first Sunday in June is Ride the Drive and only bikes and other people-powered transportation allowed.  I got off my bike and got pictures of each individual panel of the mural.  Beautiful!  This is most of it here, it’s too large for me to get the whole thing at once.

Mural full

Panel 1 rightPanel 2 right

Panel 3 rightPanel 4 Center

Panel 4 leftPanel 5 left

Panel 7 left endMural plaque

The last panel has a painted plaque in green. Here is more about the painting.  It was so exciting to finally see this beautiful art up close. I wish though I got the picture of it in 1987,  I was here then, I just wasn’t a photographer yet.

7 thoughts on “Obscure Madison Art – Richard Haas

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