A Toast to Wollersheim Winery



Wisconsin in recent years is becoming known as the new Wine Country, California’s Napa Valley has some competition from the rolling hills of Wisconsin. Wollersheim Winery in Prairie Du Sac is a favorite of ours.  We went for a tour that day. We went up the stairs to the main building where we began the tour. The store is attractively displayed. There is also a picnic area outside.


Picnic area

We met upstairs, then headed out to the historic wine cave just up the hill. It was where the wine was once aged. 2013-It has been restored, you can now go inside.


As our guide told us the history of the winery, I enjoyed the view from the hill we were on, the vineyard and main building below.



Big Room facts

We then went inside to see the modern wine-making room from a viewing window.  We then proceeded underground where wines was being aged in barrels.


Wine tasting time!  Our favorite is Prairie Fume, one of their most popular wines.

100_4819Wine glass

We hope you enjoyed your tour. It’s time to go back again though, it looks even better than 2010. The cave was not open then.


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