Finding Closure at Last

I am veering off the adventures today to share a bit more about a deeper layer of myself.  This is related to my late Grandfather, Norman Braton. He taught at the University of Wisconsin, he was a Mechanical Engineer.  Here is was in the 1966 approx. at around age 47, almost the same age as I am. He even appeared in National Geographic in 1983, this is the picture they posted in the magazine. He was shattering a tire frozen in liquid nitrogen.  He wrote engineering books too.

Norman R. Braton 1960'sTrash-Garbage-Junk1apr83g

To me though, he was my grandfather that loved all 5 of his grandchildren equally and taught us all so much about how to live a good life and caring for others. To make a long story short, he passed away in 1995 after a long illness and it hit me real hard. Especially since I am quite sure he had suffered beforehand.  I was 28 years old then, I never felt like I got over it and carried that pain all these years.


Fast forward to 2013.  I had an old picture he took during fall in the 1970’s.

Fall View 1970's

I know it may seem a little early to you to think about fall, As a photographer, I am already am making plans on where to take photos of fall color. We hope to get back to Cedarburg then. Also, to recreate a picture Grandpa took on his street back in the 70’s. I want to get a clear picture of this fall scene.  I figured out where grandpa was standing when he took this thanks to Google Earth. He was in his yard just a little back from the curb, a bit under the tree in the yard (the black branches at the top of the pic). The time was just past peak. I plan on getting it at or just before peak.  I feel he wants me to take this picture again 🙂  And I will at the end of September.

 I have to give my Grandpa a lot of the credit for getting me interested in photography, although it took awhile to become so important to me. Thanks Grandpa!

2 thoughts on “Finding Closure at Last

  1. What a beautiful story Laurie and what a wonderful Grandfather you had. I don’t remember either of my grandfathers because they both died when I was quite young. It’s easy to see where you got your love of photography from; his picture was beautiful as are yours.


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