Milwaukee Mitchell Botanical Domes


3 Mitchell Domes

We have been married for 13 years and have had many adventures, but had overlooked Milwaukee for attractions. This was our first destination, Mitchell Botanical Domes.  It has 3 domes, the Show dome, Desert and Tropical.

It was a rainy December day and we needed to see some green plants and flowers. First though, we saw three lighthouses. The first was North Point Lighthouse, beautiful!  The 2nd was Milwaukee Breakwater Lighthouse.  I call this one “Sentinel in the Mist.” The 3rd was red Pierhead Lighthouse.

North Point Lighthouse


red lighthouse 2

We arrived at the domes, looking forward to seeing exotic flora. Pretty lobby too.

Mitchell Domes Sign


Inside  Michell Domes building

We went to the Show Dome first, it was all decorated for Christmas with poinsettias, snowmen and Christmas trees. We had our picture with a snowman. This is the one dome that changes with the seasons and holidays. The other two are more static.


We then went to the Desert dome. I felt like I was back in Arizona. The last time I was there was in 1992.


Then the Tropical Dome, it felt like a hot summer day, we needed that with the cold rain falling outside.

100_4982tropical flower

We had a great time here, we were hungry and it was time for lunch. We went to Oscar’s nearby.  The are known for great hamburgers. They weren’t kidding! Not only that, a bunch of people in Santa suits rode up on their bikes.  It was Santa Rampage day for the local bike club, essentially pub-crawling in the holiday spirit. You never know what you are going to see in a big city like Milwaukee.


Bleu Cheese Burger100_5061

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