Johnsonville’s World’s Largest Brat Fest – Metcalfe’s in Madison

Every Memorial Day weekend from Fri-Monday

Brat Fest has been a big draw in Madison since 1983.  The host grocery store is Metcalfe’s.  It’s located on Willow Island at the Alliant Energy Center.  This is a charity-driven event. A great many charities raise funds working at Brat Fest, my husband and I are often volunteers on Monday for various organizations.

Let’s go down memory lane, this picture was from Labor Day weekend in 2002, when it was held in the Hilldale parking lot. it got too big for that and moved to Willow Island at the Alliant Energy Center.  However, it is only once a year now instead of twice 😦    Every year they try to set a new record with number of bratwurst sold.  The brand is Johnsonville.  They even have a vegan choice for non-meat eaters. Also Oscar Mayer hot dogs for non-brat eaters.


Here is more recent photos of Brat Fest.  This is looking across to Willow Island.


The Weinermobile is always there also for you to get pictures in front of. Here we are.  There is a fleet of them all over the country.

Weinermobile 2012 Bratfest

Sometimes, Johnsonville brings their “World’s Largest Grill” to show off. It has been a few years since it was there. Very cool! This was in 2006. That year they took pictures in front of the grill with a Polaroid.


Big Taste Grill facts

Laurie & Al 06 sm

This the brat Tent where all the brats are sold.

Brat Tent

Behind the tent are many grillers working hard. Our favorite job is grilling when we volunteer.   Here we are in 2013.


Selfie at Brat Fest in 2013 Madison

Condiment tent, everything including sauerkraut, onions, relish and ketchup and many flavors of mustard. Yum!



A new addition a few years ago, roasted corn.  Not local corn, that’s not until July/August. Still yummy though. Al posed with the Corn Lady. And here we are last year posing with a friend of ours.

Roasted cornCorn Lady and Al

Selfie with friend at Brat Fest 2014

Get your mementos here at the Brat Gear tent.

Brat Gear

A special ice cream is also sold just at Brat Best by Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream, Bratfest Cookie Dough. Delicious!


There is not just great food here, there is also a carnival and four music stages as well as fair food.

musicstageCarnival at Brat Fest in Madison

Even the Budweiser Clydesdales stopped by once. You won’t leave here hungry or un-entertained!

Clydesdales at Brat Fest

Also kayaking for the kids by Rutabaga.

Rutabaga Kayak

I hope you had fun, see you next year!

ThankyouBrat Fest Bench

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