Say Cheese in Plymouth, WI

6-29 and July 1, 2012

On June 29 and July 1, 2012 we stopped in Plymouth on the way to Manitowoc for our early summer visit. On the way, we encountered a historical building, The Wade House.

Wade House_6-30 081

Wade House sign_6-30 028

It wasn’t open to visitors at the time  we came through so we went on to Plymouth which wasn’t far from there.  Cheese has been an important part of Plymouth since the town’s founding.  After entering town you are greeted by Antoinette the cow towering above this sign outlining the town’s history and the importance of cheese making here.

Plymouthexitsign_6-30 085Antoinette the Cow_6-30 106

Cowdisplay6-30 1626

It was Friday night and we ate at a restaurant close to this sign,  Antoinettes. Wonderful food there, we had broasted chicken with sweet potato fries, yum!.

Antoinettes_6-30 122BroastedChix_6-30 129

We had more time to explore on July 1, time to walk downtown on historic Mill Street. There were many beautiful murals painted on the sides of the buildings.

MillSt_6-30 1640MillSt_6-30 1661

CheeseExchange_6-30 1690HiHo_6-30 1862

Sargento_6-30 1809

At the end of the street is Veterans Memorial Park.  The Mullet River was busy with kids fishing, it was a hot summer day.

MulletRiver_6-30 1740clock_6-30 1723

VetsPark_6-30 1756

We had a great time in Plymouth, join us at Antoinettes for a great meal and sightseeing!

AlandLaurie_6-30 1872


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