Today’s Letter is “M” – Platteville

Platteville signSign 7-19 429

7-19-12, 7-4-19

Welcome to Platteville, home of UW Platteville and part of Wisconsin‘s proud mining heritage. One of the area’s big attractions is the big M on the side of a hill outside of town.  We could see it more than 10 miles away. A road goes right by it, and a parking lot just off the road.

M-closeup 7-19 543

At Clausen Park on the right side of the M, nearly overgrown by a large tree behind it.

Sign at bottom of M 7-19 553Clausen Park 7-19 555

We took the stairs up to the top of the hill, halfway there was a platform with a free viewing scope.

stairs_7-19 567

scope_7-19 578

We made it to the top, what a view! There are 200 steps. It’s said you could see three states from up there, you are in Wisconsin, but you could see Illinois and Iowa if you know where to look.

At the Top

At the Top

View 2_7-19 590


New views from the top. A storm was coming of course so visibility was obscured. Click on photo to enlarge.

We also discovered Turkey Vultures clustered around the tower.

See a video of our hike up the hill, it was so much fun!


We went into town after coming back down, what a workout that was.


Downtown_7-19 632

There were some murals downtown, they accept donations too.

Main St Murals 711

Farming 712

Capitol Cafe Mural 634

Farmers Market Mural 673

Platteville Pioneers

Platteville Pioneers


Mining Mural 7-19 758

Mural 2_7-19 760Mural 3_7-19 754

Mural 4_7-19 753

Great visit to Platteville, a city with an important role in Wisconsin history.

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