The Wisconsin Opry Musical Family-The Dickinsons

We have visited the WIsconsin Opry several times since 2011, and always had a good time.  The performers are the Dickinson family and a few other members, and they have been entertaining guests every summer since 1979. Read here about them in greater detail.

Our first visit was 9-24-11 for Virgil’s Fall Festival.  On the grounds is Cindy’s Cafe, Antique Mall and Craft Mall, and the Opry building.  Just down the road is their Dinner Barn where we ate last June 20 before the show. A big sign greets you upon entering the driveway.

Opry Sign back

Craft Mall

Cindys Cafe

Lots of great fall color!

Carmel Apples

Carmel Apples

Pumpkin Cart

We had lunch at Cindy’s Cafe, what a lot of fun!  Specials were great fall soups..

Squash soup

We got that and paninis, yum!

Butternut Squash soup

Butternut Squash soup

Cindy Cafe Panini

During lunch Virgil and Cynthia Dickinson and another perform put on an impromtu show!  I shot the video before Cindy came in.

Cynthia and Virgil Dickinson (L-R)

Cynthia and Virgil Dickinson (L-R)

We had such a great time we came back for the whole show on June 20, 2012. Top video is from that show.  We had a home-cooked turkey dinner at the dinner barn first.

Dinner Barn

Dinner Barn


Pre-show turkey dinner

Pre-show turkey dinner

While we were eating we were entertained and we also sang along to a few songs before adjourning to the show barn.

Lunch Show

Lunch Show

What a great show, the Dickinsons’ really know how to entertain and make you feel like part of the family.  My husband and I recommend to anyone who likes classic country and gospel music.

Opry 1

Opry 3

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