Hike Around Devil’s Lake

Welcome to Devil’s Lake State Park! We have enjoyed coming here since 1997 when we met and got married here in 1999.

Al and Laurie Kutil vows


On the way there are the Baraboo Narrows, essentially the outside of the “bowl” that Devil’s lake is inside.

Lower Narrows

Lower Narrows_10-20-12

Now we are headed to Devil’s Lake for to hike all the way around.  It’s beautiful any time of year that you go.

Devils Lake sign

Here is a map of the park.

Devil's LakeMap

We are heading the concession area first on the north end of the lake. It was especially beautiful there this October.


Here is a rainbow sailboat in the summer.

Devils Lake sailboat

Devils Lake 10-2-12

Twin maples_10-2-12


Now we begin our hike around the lake beginning on the East Bluff Trail. Plan to take the day to do this. First Al and I pose for a self-portrait.

Al and Laurie10-2-12

East Bluff Trail sign

On the way up we first encounter Elephant Cave and rock.

Elephant Cave 2

Elephant Rock_6-14-12

At the top of the bluff trail was a spectacular view of the whole lake, especially the north shore where the concession building is. This picture was taken in Fall 2010.

Devils Lake Fall 2010

Further down the path near the south end are three interesting natural rock structures. The first one is Devil’s Doorway.

Devils Doorway caption_10-7-11

Another one is Balanced Rock.  That day there were lots of people getting their picture with the rock. We did too with a new friend we met on the trail.

Balanced Rock7-3-10

Also a great view of a rock face.


We went down the CCC Trail back behind the lake. There is an interesting history behind that as well.

CCC Trail Map



CCC statue plaque

Working our way back to the south end of the lake, there is a smaller concession building and another beach. You can see the north end of the lake.

South Concession


Now we will follow the path next to the road on the south end of the lake.


Here is the trail head for the Tumbled Rock Trail, leading us back to the north end of the lake.



We work our way back to our starting point, we pass several cabins that have been there a long time.  Here is one of them.

West Cabin 4-12-11

We pass a couple kayaking and a dad and young daughter fishing.

Kayak and Fishing 9-9-12

Now SOMETIMES, we take the West Bluff Trail that is high like the East Bluff Trail.  They have a lookout station in about the middle of the trail looking towards the East Bluff and north end.



Almost back, we see 3 people in kayaks, each a different color.

3 Kayakers

We make our way back to the north beach area and find someone doing a painting of the lake.


Al and painter 2005

We are back in the parking lot. I hope you enjoyed walking around Devil’s lake.

North Parking lot

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