Beautiful Flowering Trees of Spring in Wisconsin

While I’m waiting for spring to arrive in Wisconsin, I wanted to share one of my favorite redbud tree blossom closeups I took last spring. The season goes fast so when they are blooming, hurry out to see them before they fall off.

This deep, rich pink tree is a Crab Apple. It’s colors also include light pink and white as well. Learn more about Crab Apple trees in this video from the Wisconsin Gardner TV program.

Redbud tree

Redbud blossom closeup

I do enjoy showcasing our state Capitol as much as possible in photos, and I found a way to do that. This was May 2, 2015.  I named this photo “Capitol and Redbuds”.

Capitol and Redbuds WM

Also the Saucer Magnolias. I have seen several colors of blossoms. Here is the light pink. I have also seen purple and yellow blossoms.

Saucer Magnolia light pink

Saucer Magnolia Purple

Saucer Magnolia

I also discovered a single specimen of a tree with beautiful pink blossoms with white centers,  called Crimson Cloud. It does not stand out since the blossoms are small.

Crimson Cloud tree

Crimson Cloud Tree blossoms


Crimson Cloud tree blossoms

I also discovered another tree I was unfamiliar with. The Red Horse Chestnut tree.  Hummingbirds like the blossoms of this tree.

Ohio Buckeye Tree

Red Horse Chestnut Tree blossom

The white flowering trees are also quite pretty.

White blossom tree flowers 5-24-12

Many bushes bloom too. This one is a Pink Flowering Almond Shrub. The flowers look like tiny roses.

The first to bloom in spring is usually the yellow Forsythia Bush.

Also enjoy the ever-popular Lilac, seen as a tree or a bush. The flowers are most often purple or white, as seen on this Ivory Silk Tree. This one blooms in mid-June. The purple variety blooms in May.

Blooming in mid-June is the Royal Purple and American Smoke tree. It is named that because the blossoms look like puffs of smoke.

The American Smoke tree, as seen in Crivitz, WI in 2016.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Flowering Trees of Spring in Wisconsin

  1. Laurie, Hi, My dear friend Jan sent me the link to your blog. Very impressive work of art.
    We planted a redbud last year, cannot wait to see the spring blossoms.


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