Delavan – 19th Century Circus Capital of America

 May 5, 2012

My husband and I took a day trip to Delavan, Wisconsin to explore the southeast area of Wisconsin.  We found out the city has a rich history associated with both the circus and the Civil War.  Downtown was a large statue of an elephant and a giraffe commemorating that fact. Also their century-old brick street and school of the deaf.

Delavan sign

Delavan giraffeElephant statue

There was a Cinco de Mayo celebration going on that day too.


On the advice of a local, we were directed to the Civil War Monument in Spring Grove Cemetery to learn more of the town’s Civil War History.

Spring Grove CemetaryCivil War Monument

Good thing we went that day, Ken Wargo,  Chairman of the Civil War Monument Restoration Committee happened to be there. We took our picture with him outside the partially-underground vault on the grounds.

Ken Wargo Restoration Committee

He informed us we were among the first to see these recently discovered tombstones of soldiers that were unknown until just recently.  We were in awe, they looked like new!

Delavan Civil War Tombstones

  He told us about the tree where civil war soldiers gathered around to plan strategies before battle.  It is called the “Muster Tree”,  it still lives today.

Civil War Tree sign

Muster Tree

We really enjoyed our visit to Delavan and learned a lot!

5 thoughts on “Delavan – 19th Century Circus Capital of America

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  2. Hey this reminds me of a civil war re-inactment I went to last summer in prairie du sac. It was very interesting. They did skits all day on the lives of the soldiers and the women, the camps they lived in right down to the silver ware they used and medical surgerys on site. they made it so real and it was very moving.


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