Groundhog Day 2013 in Sun Prairie and Cottage Grove


This day is pretty popular in the USA, especially Punxatawney, Pennsylvania and right here in Wisconsin. Nearly every year we go to Sun Prairie which is only a few miles from where we live in Madison. They have a real groundhog named Jimmy, it was the 65th year of Jimmy predicting how the rest of winter is going to go.  My husband I went and had a lot of fun! He predicted an early spring.

Jommy the Groundhog

Going hog wild 🙂   Not to be outdone by the Sun Prairie festivities, we headed south down to the town of Cottage Grove for their Groundhog day Lion’s Club fundraising breakfast.  It’s held at Flynn Hall, which also houses the town historical society.

Flynn Hall in Cottage Grove

They have their own weather prognosticator, a black teacup pig named Sir Arthur. Here he is resting after his prediction of an early spring.


The hosts of this event are Boss Hog and Queen Hog (Darlene and Todd Bernarde, members of the Cottage Grove Lions Club. They were gracious to take a picture with us, and the picture got into their newspaper!

 Boss and Queen Hogg

We had a great time and hope to go next year. We had a snowstorm last night so I hope it’s spring soon!

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