Green County Cheese Days in Monroe 2016


Photo by Green County Cheese Days

Photo by Green County Cheese Days

It has already been two years and we got to enjoy Green County Cheese Days again.  We went in 2014 and had a wonderful time!  This time we went on a Saturday instead. No parade but many other things going on.

Al has become interested in photography during the last 2 years so we parted for several hours to cover different activities.  He took the Barn Quilt Bus Tour for $5 at 9:00.


These two ladies, Kris Winkler and Lynn Lokken, are known as the “Barn Quilt Ladies” hosted the tour.


Some of the barn quilts he saw.  Here is a list of  150+ barn quilts in Green County.


Meanwhile, I stayed downtown to see what was going on the Square. Quite a bit! Music, cheese carving and making and much more!  If you come here, you better like cheese  :)

Swiss Colony (Colony Brands) was on the square too!  A great place to get local Wisconsin-made food gifts year ’round.

swiss-colony-at-cheese-days-img_7997Their mouse mascot dressed as Santa took pictures with kids of all ages.  Here he was in the parade two years ago.

Swiss Colony Mouse at Cheese Days


Cheese Days has a mascot of their own that made his debut in 2014, Wedgie. He is a wedge of cheese who loves getting his picture taken with everyone! He also had his picture taken with some fine representatives of Cheese Days.

Left to Right

Brodhead Dairy Queen – Elizabeth McGuire

Green County Dairy Princess – Emily Streiff

Green County Dairy Queen – Libby Beck

Argyle Dairy Queen – Stephnie James

Juda Dairy Queen – Sharlene Swedlund


Dairy Industry Representatives img_8028

The Fried Cheese curds are the biggest attraction. Lines are usually quite long to get these, but I got them without a long wait.  It’s $5 for a serving, delicious!  Sold by the Monroe Optimist Club.

Cheese curd booth at Cheese Days in Monroe




Fried Cheese Curds at Cheese Days in Monroe

For the really brave people, there was a Limburger Cheese Challenge. Dare you eat some of the stinkiest cheese ever made?  I admit, I wasn’t brave enough (yet)!


To see the long version video of our day (2 hours-45 minutes), see below.

I stayed downtown to see how a wheel of Swiss Cheese was made in the Old World, and in the U.S. before the large cheese factories we have today.  It was fascinating! The demonstration hosted many Master Cheesemakers and we learned so much! Watch the long video to see everything I did.


Cheese Making booth at Cheese Days

At the end you could get a great selfie taken, pretending to make cheese. Fun!


Here is a 15-minute edited version of the cheese making demo.

The brown Swiss Cows were also brought out for the public to meet and greet them🙂


Just off the square was a small carnival put on by:


PO BOX 195


Again, another GREAT Cheese Days festival. We hope to come back in 2018!


Swiss Cheese Wheel at Cheese Days



Newville-Gateway to Rock County

8-29-16 and previous visits

Newville is an unincorporated community of 5,461 located in both Fulton and Milton in Rock County.  It’s easy to get to, just off the I-90 exit.

I-90 in Newville

The first thing you see even before exiting is “The World’s Largest Culver’s“. It’s HUGE!


For old-timers like us, we remember when it wasn’t Culver’s, it was The Red Apple Restaurant.  The last time we ate there was in 2003. The owners wanted to retire and the restaurant was sold.  This is what The Red Apple looked like, I got some pictures of it then.


Red Apple Restaurant front 2003

On the right side.


The apple tower still stands though.




We remember how good their French Onion soup was, yum!


Back to the present, there are quite a few businesses here.  We recommend Newville Auto Salvage if you need vehicle parts. We needed a new tail light and they had exactly what we needed!


There are other eating establishments within walking distance from Culver’s.   Blue Gilly’s Pancake Pier is determined to serve everyone great food and they have a gluten-free menu for those allergic to it.  The owner is allergic to soy so her menu is free of soy also. Not many places like this! They are open from 6 AM-2 PM.


For the evening crowd, Emigail’s Roadhouse Bar and Grill is ready to serve you.  Cajun food is their specialty!


On the bank of the Rock River is the Anchor Inn, they also have a pier so you can get there by boat!



Great view of the water from here. A couple of jet skiers went under the bridge while I watched. Rosati’s Pizza Sports Pub is the low red building across the river.

Rock River from Newville

You can buy a new or used one or boat at the Rock River Marina and Motorsports.   Harbor Recreation is also nearby.


The Rock River Trail is also here.

Rock River Trail sign in Newville

Visit beautiful Newville!  We are glad we did!



42nd Annual Cow Chip Throw Festival


Cow Chip Festival banner

Wisconsin has some very unique festivals, and this one on Labor day weekend takes the cake, er chip.  Wisconsin is  America’s Dairyland, and that means we honor the cow the milk she produces, also the products that are made from the milk (i.e. Green County Cheese Days).  The Wisconsin Cow Chip Throw festival honors another “product”, the cow pie🙂  They are flattened into discs and dried, people then throw them as far as possible for prizes.  Take a look at some of the cow chip throwing and the craft fair.

Cow chip throw craft fair

This festival is more than cow chip throwing, there is also entertainment, craft show and parade!   It’s fun to take a selfie with the big cow!


The wagon filled with cow chips.

Cow Chip wagon

Competitor in the Women’s Division, #67. Good form!


Accurate measurement of distance for each throw is very important, Orion Land Surveyors provided these precise measurements.


See winners of cow chip throw  here!

And now for the centerpiece of the festival, the big parade! Watch it below!

Cow Chip Parade banner in parade

The route.

Cow Chip Throw parade map 15

The Sauk Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce was there too.  They took your picture against a backdrop that was later posted on Instagram. They got mine too and I got to pick a t-shirt for free!

Sauk Prairie Chamber of Commerce booth


Get a great souvenir here!  It all supports the festival for next year!  Great prices too! I got a polo shirt on sale for $10.

Cow Chip Throw souveniers



We had a great time at our first cow chip festival and hope to come again next year!